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TNT developers Kathy & Jan have enjoyed trail riding tick free for over twenty years and now offer you the same peace of mind. TNT works on all animals; from horses and dogs, to cats and chickens. They can all be protected from these parasites and others that crawl on them like gnats, fleas and lice. It can even safely be used on you and your family.

We have owned horses for many years and enjoy the beautiful trails that New York State and the northeast has to offer. Many of our friends refused to ride certain trails due to heavy tick populations in the area. In response, we developed a product that is all-natural and works just as well as or better than chemical products, while being safer for all animals and environment. TNT is strikingly effective yet environmentally friendly; it doesn’t hurt animals that live on land or in water.  Additionally, it is applied less frequently than most other products.

TNT doesn’t just repel the ticks: our testing shows it gets rid of them within two hours of contact. It helps you prevent tick-borne diseases by terminating pests, most often before they bite or embed. Just as importantly, TNT does not need to be applied very often – rendering it significantly more cost effective than competing products. For example, a horse can remain in the pasture for 2 weeks with only one application, as long as the TNT does not get washed off. In over two decades of field trials on multiple species, TNT – Tick Natural Terminator – has shown no ill side-effects when used as directed.

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