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My dog is black so it's very hard to see any ticks on her.   Although I still pick them off when I do see them after our hikes in the woods, I know TNT will take care of any I miss.  I walk her a lot more now that I have found this product.   And I love that she is not smelly or oily from it. - Katie L.

I love knowing TNT is effective on my dog and myself, AND safe for the environment - Charles W.

I discovered TNT over a year ago and haven't looked back!  My dog and I hike a lot in upstate New York, where the ticks are rampant.  TNT gives me such peace of mind when we hit the trails.   We've never found a tick on her after applying this amazing product! - Allison M.

We foundTNT years ago and now NEVER ride without it.  We have not had any embedded ticks since we have been using it.  - Kathy K.

With my little grandson around the barn, our cats, and a koi pond, the fact that TNT is so safe was the reason I first tried it.   Now I tell everybody how great it is!  I started using TNT for ticks on my horses because we ride all around New York and Pennsylvania on miles of trails.   I also find it works GREAT against the little gnats that bite my horses' ears so now we use it for that too- Patty F.

I needed to protect myself from ticks and with TNT there is no sent to scare away the deer so I can be protected from ticks when I'm out for hours in the woods without having to re apply it.   - Tim C.

My little dog is a tick magnet  because she is so close to the ground.   I don't like putting chemicals or oils on her because she sits in my lap and sleeps on my bed.  TNT is the answer! - Gene K.

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